The Liars' League Songbook 2017

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  • Song Name: The Liars' League Songbook 2017
  • Artist: Liars' League NYC
  • Album: Liars' League NYC
  • Year: 2017

Liars' League NYC returns for the 2017 Brooklyn Book Festival with The Liars' League Songbook - our OFFICIAL 2017 BROOKLYN BOOKENDS EVENT! Enjoy an amazing night of words and music as musicians Caitlin Mahoney and Travis Tench provide the soundtrack to stories by by Erika D. Price, Mary Crosbie, Rachel Karyo, Denis Woychuk, and C.D. Rose, performed by actors Kristen Calgaro, Matt Alford, E James Ford, Olivia Killingsworth, and Max Woertendyke. Hosted and produced by Andrew Lloyd-Jones.