Liars' League NYC presents Questions & Answers

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  • Song Name: Questions & Answers
  • Artist: Liars' League NYC
  • Album: Liars' League NYC presents
  • Year: 2018

Liars' League NY returns with four new stories for you, featuring writers Jeanette Topar, Susan Buttenwieser, Manuel Martinez, and Mary Crosbie; performed by Kristen Calgaro, David Rudi Utter, E. James Ford, and Michaela Morton. Hosted by Andrew Lloyd-Jones with Miriam Alexander-Kumaradoss.

Liars' League NYC is a regular literary event featuring original short stories performed by professionally trained actors. Selected stories are published on our website, performed by actors before a live audience at New York’s infamous KGB Bar, and podcast via the iTunes Store and Stitcher. Our aim is simply to bring the very best new fiction to life in front of one the most discerning literary audiences in the world.